5 months of working

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It is now about 5 months since i started working for real in my life. I am lucky to have a work were much of the time in work is actually training. So at this point it have not interfered with my own personal goals of keeping my level as a middle distance runner fighting for medals in Norway this autumn. Keeping my focus on other athletes have at least so far almost only seemed to be really good for me since I am in way better conditions and shape right now then I was one year ago. This winter I have found a way back to some key trainigs and I could keep a clear structure of my trainings with the weekly intervalls sessions with Lidingö and that have been really good for me. And also I have had time to both working with training camps in Spain and attending some own trainig camps too.

Since november last year I have actually been to Spain four different times with four different groups. First I was in Gran Canaria with my family doing mostly vacation but also training some running.

After that we went to Alicante with swedish national team for 7 days where I could really focus on training a lot with 3 trainings a day and a place where I could get those 2,5h+ trainings which I dont have time to do when I am home in Stockholm. It was also nice to meet the freinds in the team of course and see how everyone else was doing.

After the camp that ended in mid january my whole focus was to make a reaaly good training camp for IFK Lidingö SOK in Burgohondo (west of Madrid). We had a 10 days camp ending with some competition Maximus Meeting. I planned the whole camp trainings and went down some day before to put out some controls before the runners arrived so that I could focus own following the runners at the trainings and preparing the fast sessions with SI and real flags. Overall it was a really fun and nice camp in my mind. And for my personal training it became a camp with a lot of hours… Flying home to sweden was nice since i had a planned vacation to recharge the batteries after the camp. But i realised that doing nothing at home is not so good for recovery so instead I booked a flight back to Spain and Alicante to meet up with my other club Tampereen Pyrintö who I will still compete for until 1 july this year. We ran some competitions near Murcia as the Costa Calida trophy was held during the weekend. Eventhough, I was still a bit tired physical from last camp I mangaed to do well during the races ending up wining the long and the following pursuit the day after. The last days of the camp we went back to Alicante and trained in the sand dunes terrain before I flew home yesterday. And now there is only one day left until the first offical races are held in Sweden for the season of 2019. It will for sure be a interesting season from my point of view with both coaching and competing myself and I am really looking forward to it!

Last control of Costa Calida Pursuit

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